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Maria Ozawa Anal Slave Enema Spray

Here’s something crazy, kinky, and makes me go wtf while getting me horny at the same time! This guy bends Maria Ozawa over, fills her up enema style, and fucks the hell out of her and finishes with a nice facial. You can see the video “Anal Slave Enema Spray” over at Asia Movie Pass. Here are some shots from the video.

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Maria Ozawa Anal Sex Videos

Here are some clips of Maria Ozawa getting naked, then getting double penetrated with a vibrator in her ass while a lucky guy slams her pussy. I love the angle of these shots and you can see he’s pounding her deep. The last clip ends with her basically paralyzed from the double hole session. Click a picture to view the videos, and make sure to check out this Japanese AV Idol site for more!

Maria Ozawa Gets Nude

Maria Ozawa Getting Naked

Maria Ozawa Anal Sex

Dildo in Ass, Cock in Pussy

Maria Ozawa Passing Out

Maria Ozawa Paralyzed

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